Int. J. Dev. Biol. 40: 813 - 816 (1996)
© UPV/EHU Press

Can insights into urodele limb regeneration be achieved with cell cultures and retroviruses?

P A Tsonis, K Del Rio-Tsonis, J L Wallace, J C Burns, M C Hofmann, J L Millan and C H Washabaugh

Department of Biology, University of Dayton 45469-2320, USA.

ABSTRACT Recent advances in the field of amphibian limb regeneration have provided insights into its cellular and molecular events. This review summarizes the development of cell lines from limb tissues and their application to the study of transdifferentiation and limb regeneration. In addition, the availability of suitable retroviral vectors for salamanders is discussed for it has opened new avenues for experimentation at the molecular level.