Int. J. Dev. Biol. 46: 693 - 698 (2002)
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From development to evolution: the re-establishment of the "Alexander Kowalevsky Medal".

Alexander T Mikhailov and Scott F Gilbert

Developmental Biology Unit, Institute of Health Sciences, University of La Coruña, Spain.

ABSTRACT The Saint Petersburg Society of Naturalists has reinstated the Alexander O. Kowalevsky Medal. This article announces the winners of the first medals and briefly reviews the achievements of A.O. Kowalevsky, the Russian comparative embryologist whose studies on amphioxus, tunicates and germ layer homologies pioneered evolutionary embryology and confirmed the evolutionary continuity between invertebrates and vertebrates. In re-establishing this international award, the Society is pleased to recognize both the present awardees and the memory of Kowalevsky, whose work pointed to that we now call evolutionary developmental biology.