Int. J. Dev. Biol. 45: S83 - S84 (2001)
© UPV/EHU Press

Temperature affects adult neurogenesis in the lizard brain

A Penafiel, A Rivera, A Gutierrez, S Trias, A De la Calle

Univ Malaga, Dept Cell Biol, E-29071 Malaga, Spain

ABSTRACT Postnatal and adult neurogenesis have been reported to occur in the brain of lizards. The aim of this study was to know if adult neurogenesis is a temperature-dependent process. We have shown, by using 5'-bromodeoxiuridine immunocytochemistry, that at low temperatures the number of newly generated neurones was significantly decreased (70%-90%) in several telencephalic areas of the lizard Psammodromus algirus. On the other hand, the migration process was also affected by low temperatures. This study provides evidence for a potential temperature-modulation of adult neurogenesis in lizards as it may occur during seasonal changes.


Telencephalon, migration, cortex