Vol. 55 No. 6 (2011) pp.569-660

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CHAP (Cytoskeletal Heart-enriched Actin-associated Protein) is encoded by a novel cardiac-enriched gene. The photograph shows a stage HH11 chick embryo expressing CHAP mRNA in the looping heart. In later stages, besides expression in the heart, CHAP is also expressed in the somites and muscle precursors of tongue, jaw, eye and limbs. For more information, see article by Van Eldik et al., pp. 645-651


Hypoxia and neural stem cells: from invertebrates to brain cancer stem cells
Ferdinando Mannello, Virginia Medda and Gaetana A Tonti
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Original Articles

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Developmental Expression Patterns

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Cytoskeletal heart-enriched actin-associated protein (CHAP) is expressed in striated and smooth muscle cells in chick and mouse during embryonic and adult stages
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Reproductive Meristem22 is a unique marker for the early stages of stamen development
Elisson Romanel, Pradeep Das, Richard M. Amasino, Jan Traas, Elliot Meyerowitz and Marcio Alves-Ferreira
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