Vol. 46 No. 5 (2002) pp.693-764

August 2002

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A mature, female colony of Hydractinia echinata. This marine hydroid is able to discriminate between its own tissues (self) and those belonging to genetically different individuals. The ontogeny of this allorecognition system has been studied by Fuchs et al. and the corresponding results are presented on pp. 699-704 of this issue. (Photograph by W.A. Müller, University of Heidelberg).


From development to evolution: the re-establishment of the "Alexander Kowalevsky Medal".
Alexander T Mikhailov and Scott F Gilbert
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2002) 46: 693-698

Original articles

The ontogeny of allorecognition in a colonial hydroid and the fate of early established chimeras.
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Ca2+-ions and pattern control in Hydra.
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Sex reversal of genetic females (XX) induced by the transplantation of XY somatic cells in the medaka, Oryzias latipes.
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Developmental potential of mouse tetraploid cells in diploid <--> tetraploid chimeric embryos.
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Myonuclear domain size varies along the lengths of maturing skeletal muscle fibers.
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