Vol. 43 No. 3 (1999) pp.183-282

May 1999


Distinct roles for visceral endoderm during embryonic mouse development.
M Bielinska, N Narita and D B Wilson
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 183-205

Original articles

Requirement of Drosophila I(2)gl function for survival of the germline cells and organization of the follicle cells in a columnar epithelium during oogenesis.
C De Lorenzo, D Strand and B M Mechler
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 207-217
In vitro binding and expression studies demonstrate a role for the mouse Sry Q-rich domain in sex determination.
J Zhang, P Coward, M Xian and Y F Lau
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 219-227
Expression of galectin-7 during epithelial development coincides with the onset of stratification.
P M Timmons, C Colnot, I Cail, F Poirier and T Magnaldo
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 229-235
Midline fusion in the formation of the secondary palate anticipated by upregulation of keratin K5/6 and localized expression of vimentin mRNA in medial edge epithelium.
J R Gibbins, A Manthey, Y M Tazawa, B Scott, A Bloch-Zupan and N Hunter
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 237-244
Initial features of the inner dental epithelium histo-morphogenesis in the first lower molar in mouse.
H Lesot, R Peterková, R Schmitt, J M Meyer, L Viriot, J L Vonesch, B Senger, M Peterka and J V Ruch
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 245-254
Mouse odontogenesis in vitro: the cap-stage mesenchyme controls individual molar crown morphogenesis.
R Schmitt, H Lesot, J L Vonesch and J V Ruch
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 255-260
Aspects of cell proliferation kinetics of the inner dental epithelium during mouse molar and incisor morphogenesis: a reappraisal of the role of the enamel knot area.
R Coin, H Lesot, J L Vonesch, Y Haikel and J V Ruch
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 261-267
The cardiac neural crest in Ambystoma mexicanum.
N S Bashir and J B Armstrong
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 269-274

Short contributions

The 35UZ transposon of Drosophila melanogaster reveals differences in maintenance of transcriptional control between embryonic and larval stages.
F Docquier, N B Randsholt, J Deutsch and P Santamaria
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 275-278
Characterisation of developmentally regulated chromatin structure in the coding region of the proto-oncogene, c-fos, in the male laboratory mouse.
C Kanduri and R Raman
Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1999) 43: 279-282

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